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about ridge augmentation

Occasionally when a tooth has been extracted, the rest of the socket and the surrounding bone breaks or does not recover correctly. This may lead to a deformity of your gums or an area of reduced density in your jaw. If this happens, talented, Orange, CA dentist Dr. Patrick Yoshikane may conduct a ridge augmentation. Also called horizontal or vertical alveolar ridge augmentation, this process utilizes bone grafts to reestablish the alveolar ridge, which is the region across the branches of your teeth. The augmentation process will construct the bone back to the initial width and height to prepare the mouth for an implant. A ridge augmentation might also be done for aesthetic reasons to fix the appearance of your gums. At Patrick Yoshikane, D.D.S. in Orange, CA, a ridge augmentation may be done with numerous bone graft choices. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Yoshikane to find out more information about ridge augmentation and implants, along with other procedures for mouth restoration.

Best Candidates

Ridge augmentation may be right for you if you've lost bone density at the alveolar ridge of your teeth or tooth. This is normally due to complications following an extraction. If a socket doesn't correctly heal by itself, it may cause cosmetic defects of the mouth and gums. If you're wishing to develop the shape of your mouth or boost bone density to encourage a dental implant, ridge augmentation may be an appropriate procedure to attain your goals.

What to Expect

A ridge augmentation is an outpatient procedure that will typically be completed using oral-conscious sedation. Ridge augmentation may be done right after a tooth extraction or separately if needed. The first step is to place the graft into the socket where the tooth has been extracted. Following that, your gums may be smoothed over the bone graft before they are sutured closed. It may be required in certain instances for Dr. Yoshikane to add another substance to the graft to make the space and elevation that matches your original appearance.


Following your ridge augmentation, you must have a responsible friend or family member take you home and stay with you for a couple of hours. You might have some discomfort or pain after your ridge augmentation. Dr. Yoshikane or a member of his team will give you all your necessary recovery instructions, prescriptions, and diet restrictions to ensure that you have a smooth healing process. You need to contact us right away if you have any questions or indications of illness. At your post-op appointment, Dr. Yoshikane will check on your progress. In most cases, it is going to take approximately 4 – 6 months for the bone to be strong enough before another procedure may be performed.


Based on your dental insurance coverage, some of your costs may be paid. After talking to your insurance company, we can better calculate your out-of-pocket costs. At your consult, the team of Dr.Yoshikane can go over payment methods, along with financing, to help make your procedure affordable.

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Ridge augmentation may be quite helpful in repairing decreased bone density and soft tissue that occasionally occur following tooth extraction. Dr. Yoshikane may improve your gums and utilize a bone graft to bring the required density for you to have the ability to get a dental implant. If you are prepared to revive your mouth and replace your missing teeth, then contact Patrick Yoshikane, D.D.S. in Orange, CA to learn more about ridge augmentation.

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