Patrick Yoshikane D.D.S. - PRF & CGF Overview


I'm Patrick Yoshikane. I'm a general dentist here in Orange, California in general, and implant dentistry, and I'd like to talk about PRF and CGF. So basically PRF is plasma rich fibrin and CGF is a concentrated growth factor. In all of our bone grafting cases, we always use and bone or tissue grafting, we always use the growth factor. In losing a tooth, there are many facets to recreating the natural outcome, and I think more than anything, we need to make sure that our foundation is solid. If we don't have the proper foundation, you need to build a foundation, whether through bone grafting, even if they've had a bone graft, because I don't know if they had bone loss. If the bone level is not adequate due to the sinus position, we need to augment that ridge. In other words, you need to raise the higher ridge. Usually, we use this in a combined type of procedure. Like I said, the bone grafting, tissue grafting, it only adds maybe 10 to 15 minutes to the procedure, but the healing is much better.