Patrick Yoshikane D.D.S. - Patient Testimonial from Trisha


One night I was eating some popcorn, and I broke a tooth. And my previous dentist, like many of us, just... I just... The work just wasn't what I wanted. So I did a bunch of research. I looked for the best dentist in Orange County. Came up with a couple; Dr. Yoshikane came up for me as the best, because he... I was looking for the very best dentist. He uses the latest technology, and the best products. The other one's okay, but I'd already had okay.

When I came in and saw him, it turns out I had three broken teeth. I had fillings from when I was seven that had mercury in them. I had periodontal disease. I had gingivitis. I had two crowns in the front from when I was seven also. They all had metal in 'em. This one was coming down.

I was quite surprised and pleased that I came to Dr. Yoshikane, 'cos I had a lot of work that needed to be done. When I got here, it seemed like they cared. They cared... I still have flashbacks to that first digital camera pictures of my mouth, like shocking. It still disturbs me that previous dentists said, "Whatever you're doing, keep it up. You're doing a great job." But to come here and find this, and they didn't make me feel uncomfortable, or "Ugh, yeah, look at these teeth." It was like, "You're in the right place. The hardest step is coming in the door." They just felt like family. Just comfortable and cared for and they're really going to take good care of me.