Patrick Yoshikane D.D.S. - Patient Testimonial from Robert


The staff is extremely friendly, they'll take the time and talk you through the whole process, what's going on. Coming here it's a very warm office, everybody on the staff is extremely friendly. You walk through the door you feel like you're at a day spa. Most of the other dentists I've been to in my life it's very clinical, and you're just sitting there. It's like the waiting room is a living room, I've never had to wait very long once I come here. They will take the time and sit down with you whether it takes them an hour or 15 minutes or a couple hours to explain the whole situation to you, so you understand everything that's gonna be happening and you know what's going on with your mouth, and what the recommendations are. I would gladly recommend Dr. Yoshikane, he's basically a one stop shop, he has I think it's five different specialties in dentistry. So you don't have to bounce around from one dentist to another dentist to get certain work done. You have somebody who understands the entire picture of what's going on in your mouth.