Patrick Yoshikane D.D.S. - Patient Testimonial from Brennan


It was more than time to pick a new dentist or to pick any dentist. To be honest, it had been many years. There was work that had been left off when I was younger that needed to be completed. That was kind of like a ticking time bomb. So when it came down to get a dentist, I have a uncle who works for 3M. You know 3M makes lots of dental supplies, toothpaste, the whole gambit of things. So I asked him, I want to find a dentist that you would trust if you were looking for a dentist locally in Orange County here where I live. I wanted a dentist who was using all the modern stuff, who was up-to-date, that wouldn't feel like I was walking into something from the '80s, and he recommended Dr. Yoshikane.

I knew going into it based off my uncle's recommendation that it was going to be a good dental experience but what I didn't know was that every person that you interact with here is so nice. They make you feel very welcome from the second you walk in through the door. So you kind of... I mean I guess you expect that everyone's gonna be nice but you dint realize how welcome you're going to feel when everyone has a smiling face and that goes a long way towards making you feel safe. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Yoshikane.